Let Toys Be Toys “Toymark” Good Practice Award

The Let Toys Be Toys “Toymark” recognises retailers that are doing a great job of offering toys to girls and boys alike.

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Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Award 2020 As well as challenging gender-stereotyped toy marketing, Let Toys Be Toys is also keen to recognise shops and websites that are displaying toys and books in a way that is welcoming and inclusive to all children.

Our good practice “Toymark” is a way of promoting retailers who are doing the right thing by our children; good for shoppers, good for shops. We hope the Toymark will help supporters find places to shop, on and offline, where adults and children can enjoy choosing toys without unwelcome sexist messages. We want to offer these retailers encouraging feedback and help promote their businesses.

Let Toys be Toys Toymark Award:

  • Toys and books are labelled or displayed by theme, age or activity (or other non- gendered category)
  • No “Girls” or “Boys” signposting is used, including gender filters on websites or labels on books
  • No display signage or imagery that implies that certain toys or books are for boys only or girls only, eg by pink/blue colour coding.

Toymark Process:

  1. Consumers, Let Toys Be Toys supporters and shop staff are invited to nominate those retailers that are creating great play experiences for girls and boys alike
  2. Let Toys Be Toys will conduct a check to assess whether the store and/or website does meet the pledge criteria.
  3. Retailers meeting all of the criteria will be considered for the award, and if successful, will be able to display the Toymark award subject to adhering to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. We will also provide constructive advice to those who nearly made it, and invite them to work with us to achieve the standard necessary to make the pledge.
  5. Let Toys Be Toys reserves the right not to award or to withdraw an award at our discretion.

Become a Let Toys Be Toys “Mystery Shopper”

Know a great retailer? We need our supporters’ help to find all the shops and websites that are doing a great job and give them the recognition they deserve. If you would like to nominate a shop for our Toymark, please drop an email to lettoysbetoys@gmail.com with the name and address of the shop/website, and the date you visited.

Photos of shops are always great to have for promotion as well.


For more on Toymark see our Press Release also

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