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Four women holding up a large card reading 'Science Toy Award'

LTBT helps pick Science Toy Award 2016 finalists

We were thrilled to be asked to help judge the inaugural Science Toy Award – science writer, physicist and campaigner Laurie Winkless reports back on the tough job… and the shortlist of great toys that spark science learning.

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Books for Young Children – Let Toys be Toys Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love the gleam and smell of a freshly unwrapped book? We believe all children should be able to choose freely the books they like best and we celebrate all the marvellous writers, illustrators, publishers and booksellers that avoid putting boy or girl labels on books. Here we list some of our favourite reads for the very small people in our lives.

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10 Things

11 fantastic toys and books to foster STEM skills – Let Toys Be Toys gift guide

As well as being fun, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) toys, are a great way to build skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness and critical thinking.

Of course we all know science is for everyone, but gender bias means STEM toys are often targeted squarely at boys, (or else given a dusting of pink glitter and lipstick as if that’s the only way to get girls interested). We’ve chosen eleven toys and books to help curious children everywhere develop an interest in science and discovery.

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Lanka Kade Zoo

Early Learning – Let Toys Be Toys gift guide

Early learning toys are a fantastic way to introduce fundamental understandings and encourage creativity in very young minds. Sadly, even at this early stage, several toy makers and retailers are sorting their products according to the all too familiar pink and blue division.

In this gift guide, we’ve picked out nine toys that help babies and toddlers grow their minds without restricting them according to gender.

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Let’s Play Outside! – Let Toys Be Toys Gift Guide

“Let nature be your teacher” – William Wordsworth.

Children learn through playing and often love nothing more than exploring the freedom of the great outdoors, developing healthy bodies and a spirit of adventure along the way. Wrap them up this winter and let them breathe fresh air whilst running, climbing, jumping, skipping, balancing, splashing, swinging, and getting dirty!

The following toys can all be played with outside and offer something a bit different to children who might seem like they already have a full toy-box.

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Camper Mini Stove

Let’s Play Kitchens! – Let Toys Be Toys Gift Guide

Playing kitchens is a firm favourite with many children – toddlers and older children too.

It’s very encouraging to see that the number of inclusive kitchen toys on the market seems to be growing; the toy kitchen industry seems to be moving faster than some other sectors at recognising the demand for attractive and functional toys that are free from tired old gender stereotypes.

We hope you enjoy this great selection of beautifully crafted mini kitchens, stoves, and food toys for your budding chefs.

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Finger Paints

Arts & crafts – Let Toys Be Toys gift guide

If you’re looking for a gift for an arty child, and want to shop outside the pink and blue boxes of gender stereotypes, check out our inclusive gift guide for fun, gender-neutral arts and crafts present ideas for boys and girls.

Sometimes the biggest difference between “boys” and “girls” aisles is not what is there, but what isn’t.

In toy shops using gender stereotypes, arts and crafts toys are often conspicuous by their absence from the boys’ aisles, while tired old stereotypes like beauty and appearance are used to sell arty toys to girls. It doesn’t have to be this way!

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Mini Knitted Triceratops

Toys for Under £10 – Let Toys Be Toys Gift Guide

Avoiding gender stereotypes doesn’t need to be expensive. Check out our guide to great gifts and stocking fillers, from £1.50 – £10.

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Girl saves goal in front of goalposts in a garden

Football fun: Let Toys Be Toys Gift Guide

The Women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada this weekend, proving that football fun isn’t just for the boys. Check out some great toys and books that footy fans – boys and girls – will love.

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Girl and boy with giant construction bricks

Science toys – which toys really spark science learning?

Play is how children learn about the world, so the toys on offer to them really matter. This British Science Week, science educator Wendy Sadler looks at how toys can help develop the scientists and engineers of the future, and offers some ideas of what to look for. Read more…