Let Toys Be Toys campaign is asking the toy and publishing industries to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys.

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Let Toys Be Toys shop

New Let Toys Be Toys Shop

We’re delighted to launch the new Let Toys Be Toys online shop with a range of products: clothing for children and grown-ups, badges, bags, mugs and more.

Two original designs are available: the familiar Let Toys Be Toys logo, and also a new design created especially for the campaign, by artist Squid. We love the designs and hope you do too.  Read more…

Chwarae Teg - Agile nation

Fair Foundations – fair play in the classroom

Laura Davies of Welsh organisation Chwarae Teg (Fair Play) explains the importance of their work with schools to promote gender equality in the classroom.

“A father and son are out cycling together. Suddenly a lorry thunders past, knocking the son off his bike. He is rushed to hospital. In the operating theatre, on seeing the boy the surgeon exclaims: “I can’t operate on this child, he is my son!”

Did you have a moment of surprise? And did you feel a little foolish afterwards? Read more…

Two children in school uniform walking holding hands with a man.

Let Toys Be Toys launches resources for schools

As a new term starts, Let Toys Be Toys are launching resources for teachers who want to challenge gender stereotypes in the classroom.

Children are keen to fit in and quickly pick up ideas about what’s supposedly ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’, but stereotyped ideas can limit their aspirations and opportunities.

Many toys and books are marketed as being for one sex or the other and children may worry if their favourite toys or hobbies challenge these stereotypical ideas. Parents and carers are often concerned that children who challenge these norms will be teased or bullied.

The Let Toys Be Toys campaign has been approached by parents and teachers highlighting problems in this area. So we’ve worked with teachers to develop resources to help schools tackle these issues in the classroom.  Visit the new Let Toys Be Toys schools pages. Read more…

Colourful loom band bracelets

Toy crazes

With millions sold, ‘Loom bands’ have been a hit toy around the world with boys and girls alike. Let Toys Be Toys campaigner Megan Perryman takes a look at the phenomenon of childhood crazes, and the child-to-child marketing effect.

A month ago I didn’t know what loom bands were. Now they’ve taken over my life. These tiny colourful elastic bands that can be woven into different patterns (usually to create friendship bracelets) litter my house and have taken over my daughter’s arms. Seemingly out of nowhere they’ve become the must-have toy for children and are an acceptable adornment for adults too. Read more…

The Entertainer instore signage, before and after

Retailer update July 2014

In 2014 we’ve concentrated our efforts on gendered books and are starting to look at how we tackle the manufacturers themselves. So have the retailers stuck to their promises in the meantime? Read more…

Recruiting – Toymark volunteers

Let Toys Be Toys is recruiting volunteers to help run our Toymark good practice scheme. Could you help us? Read more…

Girl and boy playing together with tea set and train set, surrounded by magazines and newspapers featuring sexual content.

Through a Child’s Eyes

Kirsty Hopley is co-founder of Child Eyes – a campaign challenging the intrusion of ‘sex sells’ media into children’s lives. She draws the connections between gendered toys and media in early childhood, and the highly sexualised media they encounter as they grow.  Read more…

Gender-bending opinions

Cartoon, Why do you force your gender-bending opinions on children?


Read more…


Not-so-Happy Meals at McDonalds UK

They may not be a toy shop but McDonald’s are the world’s largest distributor of toys. Happy Meals are enjoyed by boys and girls alike and although UK and Ireland branches have avoided gendered toy marketing for several years, Let Toys Be Toys supporters have raised concerns that separate toys for boys and girls are now being offered.

Our map shows that in over 70% of restaurants, rather than being given a choice of toy, customers are being asked if it is for a boy or a girl, another 13% are giving the toys out based on perceived gender, which means 83% of branches are not adhering to McDonald’s stated policy: Read more…


“Dads need to do more and speak up more”

To celebrate Father’s Day we talked to Dads Rock; the Scottish network of free playgroups which was set up by a couple of Edinburgh dads who saw a gap in services for fathers. Co-founder Thomas Lynch spoke to us:  Read more…

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